Monday, November 30, 2009

Sinclair Stratton-Animal Watercolorist

1st Period Painting class completed some beautiful watercolor paintings of animals after viewing the art of Sinclair Stratton. Scroll down to watch the video at the bottom of this post:)

1st Period Painting Class

Large giraffe painting by: Jessica R.
Smaller sketches by Alia W, Lindsey P and Jessica R

By Shelby W.

By Melissa M

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art is SWEET

In honor of Halloween, the Painting and Drawing classes each completed a "sweet" sketch. The painting classes used watercolors and painted m&ms from observation. The Drawing class drew oreo cookies from observation with the media of their choice. Both classes ate their subjects when their sketches were complete!

By the Painting and Drawing classes

By the Painting and Drawing classes

By Kara K

By Lindsey P

By Cody V

By Keegan H

By Matt S

By Megan B

By Nathan S

Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Cup!

Students in 11th period Drawing had the task of creating two interesting drawings of a simple red cup. Students used colored pencils on colored construction paper and focused on illustrating the highlights and shadows that were seen on the reflective red cup. Here are some of their results:

By Jake F

By Vedad P

By Missy J

By Meghan B

By Mariah B

By Liz M

By Katie G

By Emily T

By Cody V

By Chantel S

By Carolyn K

By Bailey S (both photos)

By Alex L

By Zac K

Grisaille Paintings

Students in 1st period painting class completed a grisaille painting using only black and white acrylic paint. When students were finished with their grisaille painting they added a glaze of color using the colors of their choice and gloss medium. Here are some of their results:

By Ehrin L

By Tory W

By Sarah D

By Melissa M

By Lindsey P

By Bailey B

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting Without the Brush: Landscapes

Advanced painting students did some amazing landscape paintings without using any brushes! Look at how cool the palette knife works when creating a painting!

By Alyssa C.

By Amber B.

By Scott B

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elements of Art Hands

Students in Introduction to Art completed drawings of their hands that represented each element of art. The elements of art are Color, Texture, Value, Form, Line, Space and Shape. Students were to experiment with at least 3 different art media and to create an interesting composition.
Here are some of the results:

By Josh G.
Period 9/10

By Jessica W.
Period 9/10

Wall of Hands 1

Wall of Hands 2

Colored Pencil Sketch Books

Students in 11th period drawing completed a colored pencil sketch of a fruit or vegetable. Students learned about layering colors to create depth and dimension in their drawings.

By Vadad P.

By Taylor P.

By Mariah B.

By Keegan H.

By Emily T.

By Cody V.

By Chantel S.

By Bailey S.

By Andrew E.