Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elements of Art Hands

Students in Introduction to Art completed drawings of their hands that represented each element of art. The elements of art are Color, Texture, Value, Form, Line, Space and Shape. Students were to experiment with at least 3 different art media and to create an interesting composition.
Here are some of the results:

By Josh G.
Period 9/10

By Jessica W.
Period 9/10

Wall of Hands 1

Wall of Hands 2

Colored Pencil Sketch Books

Students in 11th period drawing completed a colored pencil sketch of a fruit or vegetable. Students learned about layering colors to create depth and dimension in their drawings.

By Vadad P.

By Taylor P.

By Mariah B.

By Keegan H.

By Emily T.

By Cody V.

By Chantel S.

By Bailey S.

By Andrew E.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Non Objective Elements of Art Projects

Students in both the drawing and painting classes completed non-objective artworks that illustrated the Elements of Art. The Elements of Art are: Color, Texture, Value, Form, Line, Space and Shape. Students were to create a balanced work of art that demonstrated their knowledge of the elements.

Here are some of their finished products:

By Alex L.

By Carolyn K.

By Chantel S.

By Mariah B.

By Jessica R.

By Shelby W.

By Zach K.

By Sarah D.

Twig Drawings-Finding beauty in simple objects

Students in 11th period drawing class completed a close observational study of a simple twig. Using charcoal, a q-tip and an eraser, students completed large value drawings of the twigs. Students concentrated on the highlights and shadows found on the twigs and also the textures on the twig.

Here is a group of the drawings displayed on one of the bulletin boards in the classroom.

Individual Twig Drawings:

By Bailey S.

By Hayley T.

By Missy J.

By Keegan H.

By Matt S.

Students also completed a small ink drawing of their twig. Students used India ink on watercolor paper.

Here are a couple of examples:

By Katie G.

By Mariah B.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Value Egg Paintings

The painting class have been practicing value paintings. Students first drew from observation a value sketch of an egg on a white tissue. Next they transferred their sketch onto watercolor paper and used acrylic paint to match their sketch's values.

By Nathan S.

By Lindsey P.

By Melissa M.

By Logan B.

After the paint is dry, students used gloss medium and any acrylic color to glaze over the surface of their paintings. A glaze is a transparent layer of color.

By Sara D.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nature Drawings

Students in the drawing class were to draw 3 nature objects from observation. Before beginning the drawing students created a ground on their paper by shading it lightly with a #2 pencil. The nature objects were drawn on top of the ground. Highlights were taken out with an eraser and shadows were created by shading areas.
Here are some of the results:

By Chantel S.

By Emily T.

By Bailey S.

By Colin B.

For our first "real" drawing project we will be doing a collection of nature drawings from observation. Students will need to draw at least 7 different nature objects and use at least three different drawing media.