Friday, August 2, 2013

High School Art: Fractured Still Life Painting in Tempera

Students learned all about still life paintings and their role in art history.  Students then learned about and viewed Romero Britto's still life examples.  As a group of four, students arranged a still-life using objects from the art room still life collection (students had an option to bring in objects as well.)  Students drew still life objects on 16 x 20 tag board with pencil and then fractured their drawing into at least 30 sections (geometric or organic fractures.)  Students then used primary, white and black tempera colors to begin painting each sections different colors and values.  Students were to pay attention to making sure objects were unified and contrasted with the background and other objects nearby.  Halfway through their paintings I allowed students to use non primary colors.  Once the entire painting was painted, students were to paint patterns into each section.  The requirements were to at least do half of the painting in patterns (it got kind of tedious after awhile!)  Here are some of the fun results:

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  1. Thank you so much Hope Hunter Knight! This is one of my favorite projects that I do with my Intro to Art students!


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